Artificial Turf Maintenance

When it comes to artificial turf maintenance, certain measures must be taken to optimise its durability and longevity. From synthetic turf infill, to re-marking, STM can help you make the most of your pitch, landscaping area or playground surface.

As well as providing a complete design and build service for synthetic turf, STM offers ongoing artificial turf maintenance and resurfacing. Whether you’re an existing customer or new to the world of artificial turf, we’re happy to discuss your options.

We provide artificial turf maintenance for:


Artificial grass maintenance machine which helps to remove all the contaminants from the surface

At STM we employ a dedicated and experienced surface maintenance team to make sure every one of our customers gets the most out of their synthetic turf surface. It’s important to ensure that ongoing maintenance for synthetic turf takes place, so that factors such as the usability, drainage and aesthetics of the turf don’t decline. Although a lack of maintenance of an artificial grass surface may take some time to have a negative effect, the remedial works required to recover a badly maintained surface are expensive.

Whilst some companies offer “band aid” solutions, STM prefers to offer a proactive, preventative management and maintenance service for artificial turf. We believe in the prevention of problems, not the patching up of them when it’s simply too late. Of course, some wear and tear in unavoidable; we can fix that too.


Our synthetic turf maintenance expert at work on a sports pitch

A lack of artificial grass maintenance can cause the following issues to arise:

• The lack of regular ‘in house’ brushing of the artificial grass allows the sand infill to disperse in high wear areas, thus leaving areas of the surface under sanded. This reduces the support offered to the carpet by the sand and causes the pile to flatten. Ultimately, this will lead to an increase in the rate at which the carpet wears and thus affects the life expectancy of the surface.

• The lack of specialist maintenance allows contamination such as broken down carpet fibre, silica dust, general dirt/debris and vegetation to break down and become lodged within the carpet pile. If not removed, this contamination then reduces the rate at which water passes through the system. If left for too long a period, this contamination becomes compacted within the infill, until drainage becomes impossible. This will allow water to settle and collect on the surface during rainfall.

• Neglecting artificial turf maintenance also allows moss and weed growth to develop that can also present a slip hazard to users. This occurs more on the edges and corners, but can be seen in patches through the surface that has had little or no maintenance. Initially, when the surface is installed, the moss and algae have great difficulty growing in the pure sand used. However over a period of time the surface will become contaminated. This includes atmospheric waste, pollution, leaves, material on shoes, etc. allowing nutrients for the moss and algae to grow.

A piece of Synthetic Turf Maintenance equipment

Some benefits of synthetic turf maintenance:

• Keeps pitches and landscape areas clean and looking good

• Increases the life of the turf

• Keeps the performance at optimum level

• Ensures that the safety of surface is maintained

Feel free to contact Synthetic Turf Management for any maintenance queries. Whether you have an existing artificial turf, or would like to know more about the initial design and installation.

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