Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is essential in optimising an artificial turf surface in its aesthetics, practicality and longevity.

Effective maintenance of artificial turf should involve a combination of both in-house maintenance and specialist out-sourced maintenance. Whilst in-house maintenance should be carried out on a ‘little but often’ basis, out-sourced maintenance should be carried out a few times a year (how many depends on the surface) by synthetic turf specialists.

STM maintenance services include:

  • Drag brushing/drag matting
  • Simple inspection of surface to check for damage
  • Litter picking and leaf collection
  • Power sweeping
  • Moss and algae vegetation treatment
  • De-compaction
  • Grooming
  • Drainage

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Synthetic Astro Turf and 3G Maintenance care

Artificial Grass Drag Brushing

Drag brushing is an important part of maintaining your artificial pitch and should form part of your synthetic turf maintenance programme. With everyday usage the infill levels of an artificial grass surface can migrate around the pitch and towards the edges, moving away from the heavily used areas in the middle of the pitch. The infill material acts as a wearing course to support the turf fibres and therefore protect the turf against the heavy use extending the life of the turf.

Drag brushing should be carried out on a weekly basis and can be completed by using a drag brush or drag mat. This is attached to a ride on tractor or suitable maintenance vehicle. STM can advise on recommending drag mats and brush suitable for performing in-house maintenance.

Synthetic Turf Power Sweeping

Over time contaminants will build up on and within the surface of the artificial grass surface from air born particles. These contaminants, over time, start to break up and build within the surface. The larger items such as litter and leaves can be easily collected but the smaller particles will need to be removed by specialist power sweeping machines.

If contaminants are not removed they will build up over time and cause drainage problems. This will reduce the quality of the pitch as the surface becomes hard and compacted.


Synthetic Surface Care Power Brush

Artificial Turf Surface Grooming

Grooming of a synthetic surface remains the primary and fundamental maintenance operation. During active play, the rubber/sand infill will become dispersed from the high wear areas. In addition, active play can cause the fibre of the surface to compact and lie flat. As such, regular grooming of the surface helps to ensure that the fibres are pulled upright. It also ensures that dispersed infill material is redistributed across the surface, thus protecting the fibre against accelerated wear.

Infill Levels

It is extremely important that infill levels are regularly monitored to ensure correct and even rubber levels are maintained. The infill helps to support the carpet fibre thus ensuring that the surface performs in the manner it was designed to. In addition, the infill also acts as a wearing course by protecting the carpet fibres from the effects of accelerated wear. As such, maintaining the correct infill levels will help to ensure that the full life expectancy of the surface is realised. It is normal for infill levels to consolidate within the first few months depending upon usage.


Synthetic surface maintenance-Distributing the sand infill

Specialist De-Compaction

Although regular in house grooming of the surface helps to redistribute the infill material, it will not remove finer contamination such as silica dust and smaller dust particles. As such, specialist de-compaction and cleaning maintenance will be required on an on going basis. This ensures that the playing and draining characteristics of the surface are maintained. Please contact Synthetic Turf Management for further advice regarding such de-compaction and cleaning works.


Synthetic Turf management maintenance of artificial grass surfaces

Vegetation Control

Pitches that are surrounded by overhanging trees and heavy vegetation should ensure that regular collection with a leaf blower is carried out. In addition, kick boards should be fitted to the fencing systems to reduce debris blowing onto the pitch.

Moss, Weed and Algae Control

Moss and weed chemical treatments should ideally take place four times a year to ensure that the synthetic turf surface does not accumulate vegetation growth. Both the moss and weed killer agents must be water-based systematic products. Please also ensure that when the moss and weeds have died off, dead matter, including roots, is removed or in the case of moss swept out of the turf structure.


Synthetic turf management maintenance of artificial sports pitches using a specialist water-based moss and algae treatment

Please click here to be referred to our corrective maintenance page for damages and repairs to your synthetic turf surface.