Artificial Turf Sports Pitches

Synthetic Turf Management offers a large range of artificial turf products for all different sports pitches and grounds with world class manufacturers of synthetic sports turf. We offer “design and build” services as well as sub-contractor services.

Our artificial turf sports pitches & grounds cover:


Great Witley Quarter Green MUGA- Installed 2016

With the temperamental nature of UK weather, it is vital that clubs have year-round training facilities. Technology in synthetic turf production has come a long way since the first generation of astro turf, now providing high-quality, highly usable and highly durable pitches and grounds for all sports. STM provides a product and service that is always tailored to each unique project. Artificial turf allows constant, uninterrupted training with minimal pitch maintenance or damage. STM’s range of artificial turf products meet national and international governing bodies standards.

At STM we listen to you and your needs. Our range is extremely varied and will always be tailored precisely to fit with your criteria. We also offer customised solutions for multi-use facilities.

Synthetic Turf Management’s Pitch Builder allows customers to design there own bespoke sports pitch by choosing from a range of surface colours, markings, fencing and lighting systems.


Whole multi use games area sports surface

Synthetic Turf Mangement understand that the initial specification of the product and designing phase are vital in ensuring that your organisation maximises usage all year round, whilst protecting players. Sports synthetic turf uses non-abrasive fibres on the sand dressed pitches and on 3G pitches the cushioned layer of recycled rubber crumb offers further absorption. A shock pad could be included depending on the sport and performance levels required.

STM typically uses the preferred “Engineered Base” construction method that uses tarmac on a graded stone base layered with a shock pad. This offers a base that is both secure in terms of base levels, and generally requires less maintenance throughout the years.

A “Dynamic Base” is a more cost effective system that uses graded stone with the binding layer on which a shock pad can be installed. With this type of system the performance quality could be reduced and may require more maintenance over the years.

Both systems are widely used and can be designed to meet the performance levels, usage and budget requirements of your organisation.

Synthetic Turf Management can offer a range of fencing and lighting systems to suit every requirement.

Pitch Builder

Design your own football pitch, tennis court and much more…