Brighton Gym Gains an Advantage with New Mats for Gym Equipment

Posted on 13th Mar 2017 by stmworld

Mats for gym equipment, especially heavy facilities such as sled tracks, can be difficult to come by. It seems there are products out there but after a while there are problems that arise, perhaps tears, rips, discoloration and so much more. However, these problems can be eliminated and you are in the right place!

Fitness First have the right idea and their gym in Brighton was the latest to benefit…

Fitness First’s New Mats for Gym Equipment

STM high quality artificial grass is a product which is durable enough to withstand heavy equipment is now the top product for Fitness First gyms all over the country. We have designed for Fitness First in Bath, Cheltenham, Fenchurch and are currently in the process of Clapham and Tower Gym. Our mats for gym equipment use an incredible hard-wearing artificial grass with a fully texturised pile making it a very suitable product for gyms that use equipment like sleds.


One lane gym track

The mats are also a great surface for Crossfit training or general sprinting, something that a lot of gym flooring cannot offer due to it being slippery. We know that gyms can often get liquids on the flooring which must be tended to straight away, but gym mats aren’t slippery.


In addition, all our gym mats are designed and built to order. Coming in a variety of different colours including rust, red, blue and green you can design the mat how you would like.


The white line markings are cut into the surface and stand at the same pile height as the surface delivering a smooth and a non-hazardous trip free surface.

Mats for gym equipment are taking off, be sure your gym doesn’t miss out on this product taking gyms by storm!

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