Flying the Drone over Teesside High’s Synthetic Playing Surface

Posted on 12th Apr 2017 by stmworld

It has been a few years now since our synthetic playing surface installation at Teesside High School, Stockton. We were on a visit back to the premises last week and thought we would fly the drone over and get some birds eye view images of the project (since drones were very rarely used back then during the installation). And we were pleased to see that the surface was still thriving. Why? Synthetic Turf Maintenance of course!

Synthetic Playing Surface Installation

This multi use games area was installed at the private school to be used as the ultimate PE facility. Synthetic turf is often considered one of the best playing surfaces out there due to the fact that it is long lasting (of up to 20 years!) and less abrasive/hard than many other surfaces therefore it is suitable for all ages.

We flew the drone over to see our installation work, and doesn’t it look incredible! We have confidence that Teesside High is one of the best schools in the area with high performing facilities.


2,249 square metres of artificial turf


A 15mm rubber shock pad was installed underneath the surface to absorb impact and allow for tackles in 5-a-side football

Synthetic Playing Surface Maintenance

There are a number of ways to increase the lifespan of your synthetic turf, and this is exactly what Teesside High have done. Maintenance has a very important role to play for your product, it helps to redistribute the infill, aims to identify any areas of need which can be addressed quickly and ensures the surface is as safe as it can be.


A MUGA suitable for hockey, football and netball

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