High Quality Tennis Court Installation in Slingsby, North Yorkshire

Posted on 18th Apr 2017 by stmworld

Have you ever wondered about switching to artificial? For years’ macadam or tarmac tennis courts were the go to product but certain advancements within the industry mean that there are alternative products to choose from, and ones which you are very unlikely to go back on! Artificial grass. We know what you are thinking, what has artificial grass got to offer that tarmac of natural grass doesn’t? Well in today’s blog we are going to be answering just that and using our recent tennis court installation in Slingsby, North Yorkshire to illustrate it.

Case Study: Slingsby Tennis Court

Size: 547 square metres

Previous Surface: Macadam tarmac

Job: Resurfacing with British manufactured specialist tennis product


The previous base works are prepped and patched to create a suitable base for the new artificial turf

When we think of tarmac we think of a dull cold surface, hard and possibly not able to absorb impact as much as it should. Discolouration and unsuitability to certain ages are common problems when it comes to tarmac. But most of all it is performance. At Synthetic Turf Management, we are passionate about sports and aim to provide the best facilities to allow every user to perform well. To test their skills and play tennis in a safe way. And we know that the best way to do this is through a high-quality tennis court installation with synthetic turf.

That is exactly what our clients in Slingsby, North Yorkshire opted for.


The artificial grass carpet needs to be installed with precision and expertise.


White line markings are cut in to the exact specification to reflect the properties of a professional tennis court.


After installation the court looking fantastic!


The sand infill helps to protect the product and makes sure that it will last for thousands of playing hours.

Tips to Make Sure your Tennis Court Installation Lasts:

Although artificial grass is low maintenance, this doesn’t mean that the surface can be neglected. There are a few tips that we recommend in order to extend the lifespan up to 20 years!

  • Pick up any debris that has fallen onto the surface at the earliest possible convenience, this can include leaves, rubbish and general foliage.
  • Brush the surface to redistribute the infill, you may also need to outsource power brushing which is part of our maintenance division.
  • Thoroughly inspect the surface on a regular basis, note any changes (e.g. a repair that needs sorting) and have this sorted as soon as possible.

For a more thorough set of recommendations, browse to our maintenance division for your tennis court installation.

If you would like further details on artificial turf for tennis courts, contact us today and a member of our friendly team will be more than happy to help and answer any queries you may have.

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