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3G pitches are becoming the number one choice for many artificial turf sports pitches with football and rugby quickly adopting the surface as the number one choice when choosing a synthetic surface.

When old pitches reach the end of their lifespan it gives sports clubs a great opportunity to resurface their pitch with new surfaces and 3G is the perfect option for many schools and sports clubs.

STM have great experience resurfacing sports pitches with 3G turf and our recent project at Northfield’s School and Sports College was the perfect example of a facility upgrading during the resurfacing project.


The completed 3G Pitch resurface at Northfield’s was completed using FIFA approved 3G turf to create the best possible playing surface.

When conducting a 3G pitch resurface with Synthetic Turf Management the following steps are taken during the project;

3G Pitch Consultation

All clubs and schools that are looking for 3G pitch resurfacing from STM are entitled to a free consultation from our expert team. Our knowledge and expertise means we can give advice on how long existing pitches have on their lifecycles, when will be the best time for a resurface and what will be the best methods. This also gives you the opportunity to discuss other project aspects such as fencing, sports lighting and floodlights.

To book your free 3G Pitch resurfacing consultation contact STM using the form below.

3G Carpet Uplift

If its uplifting an old 3G surface, or even a different type of synthetic surface STM have the necessary specialist equipment to ensure the pitches are cut up into smaller more manageable strips that can be rolled up using specialist techniques and prepared for removal. We make it our main priority to protect the existing base works to save costs for our clients so the foundations can be reused with the minimum of patching and repair work.


Using specialist cutting tools STM can cut the old surface into smaller more manageable strips ready to be uplifted and removed.


Cutting the turf into smaller strips means it can be rolled up on site without damaging the existing base works.


Using specialist techniques STM can roll up the existing surface ready for removal.

3G Surface Removal

When removing old 3G surfaces the infill causes the main problems as this adds extra dimensions to the disposal process. Landfill is a common option when disposing old artificial turf but STM always try to find the most environmentally friendly solution and we have been working closely with our partners exploring different avenues for recycling artificial turf with the aim of making our removal process as environmentally friendly as possible.


We prepare all the turf onsite so it can be quickly removed from site.

3G Resurface

Supply and installation of 3G surfaces is where STM specialise with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in artificial turf installation. With any resurfacing job the opportunity to improve the existing pitch with more options and better products becomes available. At a recent project at Northfield’s School and Sports College in Billingham we improved the existing pitch design with the addition of a 6 lane running track to run alongside the new FIFA 11-a-side 3G Pitch.


STM improved the facility at Northfield’s with the addition of a 6 lane running track alongside the new pitch.

Aftercare for 3G surfaces

Synthetic Turf Maintenance is the specialist maintenance department of STM and maintenance programs will extend the lifespan and performance of 3G surfaces considerably. Our guarantees and warranties also offer protection on our products and installations.


Synthetic Turf Maintenance is the specialist maintenance division of STM. With a range of specialist equipment STM can maintain full sized 3G Pitches or smaller indoor ones.

For more information on 3G pitch resurfacing or to discuss a project with STM contact us below; or on the phone at 01642 713 555 or via info@stmworld.co.uk.

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