Sports Fencing for Your MUGA, Pitch or School

Posted on 17th Jul 2017 by stmworld

Making the sports construction project as simple and convenient to the client is of the utmost priority with us, coupled with the highest quality materials and fantastic team of installers we aim to deliver the best project possible. And that is why we also provide sports fencing for your surface, whether that be a 5-a-side football pitch or multiple tennis court. STM can provide gate options and even install equipment specific to your sport.

What Type of Sports Fencing Do We Offer at STM?

  • Roll Form Welded Mesh
  • Rebound Panel Systems
  • Twin Bar Panel Systems
  • Super Rebound Twin Bar Panel Sustem
  • Ace Tennis Court Systems
  • MPPA- Multi-Purpose Plat Areas

Why Sports Fencing?

It may seem obvious, but there are many reasons why people choose sports fencing for their facilities.

For community facilities, it is important people have access to the sports pitch at the correct times of day and that the surface can be locked securely overnight if needs be. This touches on the safety of your surface. To add, if children are using the facility they need to be in a safe environment, for example, if there are busy roads nearby fencing is a necessity. Furthermore, fencing allows ‘ease of play’. Can you imagine playing tennis without a fence? The tennis balls will end up all over the place. Fencing will make play easier and more efficient whilst preventing nearby property from being damaged.


The 2016 MUGA fencing install at Great Witley Quarter Green



This included two basketball hoops in addition to gates.

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