Sprint Track for Jordan Functional Fitness Specialists

Posted on 10th Aug 2017 by stmworld

Our design team have been super busy over the week. Not only have we just completed the logos for Nottingham Forest and snail alphabet for Greengates Primary but we were tasked to create this sprint track for Jordan Fitness. With 1 metre spaced numbers from 1 to 17, a start and finish box and a white border with markings, this was certainly a task in hand! But our highly qualified artificial turf designers used their skills to create something so unique and bespoke but also high performing too.

But first thing is first…

What is a Sprint Track?

A sprint track is a multi-use mat that is secured to your existing gym floor and used to enhance performance, agility and strength. It is to be used for a variety of different activities including prowler sleds, Crossfit and general sprinting.


Unlike what you may think, the numbers and markings are all cut in by hand to the green artificial turf. They are not painted/sprayed on. This makes sure that the sprint track will last and withstand the use of equipment such as sleds.


The sprint track is made with turf which is manufactured right here in the UK


Sprint tracks can accommodate to the brand colours of your gym. They are available in green, blue, rust, white and red but additional logos can be added too.

The cost of your sprint track depends on a variety of different factors including the actual design, colour, delivery address and option of install. We can accommodate to your specific budget so give us a call today or send over a copy of design or ideas you have in mind to:


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