Synthetic Turf: Case Studies

From playground surfaces to logos for the Rugby Football Union, Synthetic Turf Management has worked on some fantastic projects.

STM is proud to have worked with schools, sports clubs and local authorities across the UK on a diverse range of artificial grass projects. Some of them challenging, and all of them rewarding; we’d like to share with you our results.

We’d like to showcase our artificial turf projects from across the following sectors:

  • Sport
  • Education
  • Commercial

Synthetic turf MUGA at Bookwell Primary School Installed Spring 2016

Synthetic Turf Management is a leading designer and installer of artificial grass products. However, we like to think that we offer much more than an impersonal “astro turf” service. Here at STM we love to get involved with projects ranging from getting kids active to creating brand identity for commercial enterprises.

Artificial Grass for Schools: Playground Surfaces, Sensory Gardens, MUGAs & Sports Pitches

We’ve worked with schools across the UK with children of all ages, including children with special educational needs and learning difficulties. Synthetic turf technology has developed rapidly over the past few years, meaning that we can get really creative with it to develop fun playground solutions. We’ve even gone as far as to develop our own educative system: STM EPIC, which stands for “Education and Play in Colour”.

Using artificial grass is a fantastic way of creating a practical, safe and fun learning environment for children. We’re experts in designing and installing MUGAs (Multi Use Games Areas), and we love a challenge. MUGAs are fantastic ways of maximising space and budget. With the different artificial turfs required for various sports being combined into one multi-purpose pitch. P.E. lessons have never been more exciting!

Synthetic Turf for Sports: Football, Tennis, Golf, Hockey, Rugby, Basketball & Netball

Synthetic turf has transformed the world of sports since its early days as “astro turf”. We have worked with sports clubs and local authorities across the UK in the design and installation of sports federation approved synthetic turf that gives the highest quality of performance.

Artificial Grass for Commercial & Corporate:

We’ve installed artificial grass on office rooftops and in restaurant gardens and there’s no limit to where we can go with our fantastic range of products. One of our proudest moments was designing a logo mat for the Rugby Football Union at Twickenham!