T20 Cricket Mats

Artificial turf T20 cricket mats are becoming more popular for cricket clubs all over the UK. This isn’t all too uncommon for Synthetic Turf Management. We have completed many of this innovative branding strategy for teams such as Durham Jets, Hampshire Cricket, Surrey County Cricket Club and Sussex Sharks.


A selection of the cricket mats that the team have created for various cricket teams all over the country

Why T20 Cricket Mats?

There are many different reasons why teams choose an artificial turf cricket mat as opposed to other materials.

  • Fits in with the surface: Artificial turf looks great against other types of surfaces including natural grass.
  • Eye Catching: T20 cricket mats use the exact colours of your logo and are very vibrant, they are bound to get noticed by observers and of course television coverage! This makes them a great branding strategy and helps to raise awareness of your club.
  • Long lasting: Your logo mat is there for the long run. This is because the high-quality turf that we use is designed to an exceptional standard therefore the longevity is extended.
  • Suitable for all weather: Regardless of the weather, the synthetic grass is durable enough to withstand the gale force winds and rain that we experience weekly here in the UK!

Middlesex cricket mat was very eye-catching with a pink and blue logo design

What is the Process?

Do you have a logo? Send it to us: info@stmworld.co.uk we can discuss the size you need and when you need it by and then come up with a free quote!