What do you think of your Schools’ Outdoor Play Provision?

Posted on 13th Mar 2017 by stmworld

Headteacher Update have published a guide on outdoor play provision and what schools can do to ensure children spend less time in front of their computer screens and more time doing physical activities as school may be one of the few places that this happens.

Outdoor Play Provision

Outdoor space is often a tight squeeze, the demand for school places is more competitive than ever before which is why schools need to optimise space as best as they can. And that is where we come in. Synthetic Turf Management specialise in outdoor play provision  and in particular, encourage learning across all areas therefore supporting Headteacher Update who emphasise that children who spend more time outdoors doing activities are likely to have a higher attainment level than those who do not.


MUGA complete with running track

How do we do it?

From play equipment  and climbing frames which adhere to the most rigorous safety standards to colourful designs and educational markings that help subjects such as Mathematics and English. Our surfaces can help children at all key stages and ensure your school reaches its outdoor play provision standards.

It is Important!

Outdoor play is more important than ever now. The government is trying to place a huge importance on just this due to the little exercise many pupils get as they are provided with the most advanced technology that they can ‘virtually’ play sports and activities instead of being outside in the fresh air. Which is why it is so important to make your school facilities the best they can possibly be, to make a huge difference to children’s lives and encourage them to take that learning home with them. We are the generation to tackle inactive children and it all starts today!

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